“My site went down just when my traffic increased... Is your host looking out for your best interests... ? 'Cause they should be!”

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Welcome to hostadvisor, part tech-blog, part consumer magasine!

Here you will find a refreshing (and refreshingly blunt!) round-up of consumer advice for the tech-savvy, as well as fantastic tutorials for the less technically minded.

Your webhost is the server on which your website sits, and you guessed it, they come in all shapes and sizes - and all have a price-tag to match.

But that's not all. Don't forget that a web host is more than a necessary evil (or should be). Better hosts will offer you more features, flexibility and customer service.

"Customer-what?", I hear you ask.

Yes - that's right; contrary to popular opinion (and fairly solid Internet myth) customer service is not yet dead amoung the better hosts. Hostgator has a particularly good reputation in this respect. Check out http://hostcouponr.com/hostgator-coupon for some decent discounts and Hostgator promo codes. The same for Godaddy coupons can be found here.

In our humble opinion, if a provider has good customer service, they can't be mentioned enough!

Enjoy the tuts!

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